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An ever-changing database of service providers for buyers and brokers of cash flows on the secondary market. Using Internet technology the user can find buyers for almost every kind of cash flow. With the innovative Update feature the user’s data is always current. The service providers are able to submit data as often as their parameters change. Direct Connect is like using the Yellow Pages, except that the information is never out of date.


bulletBenefits for the service provider: The data used by the end user is always current. You don’t have to worry about changing prices, yields or outdated advertising. By submitting information to the Direct Connect web site, we can make instantaneous changes as soon as you request them.
bulletBenefits for the note seller or broker: You can find the best buyers for almost every kind of sellable cash flow. The database grows and changes as the industry changes. All you have to do is click Update to get the latest information on well over 100 corporate note buyers and other companies that provide help for note brokers.
bulletBenefits to the cash flow industry: Users, brokers, buyers, sellers and investors can all benefit from trading current information on each of the services provided.


  1. An up-to-date, searchable database of buyers of cash flows on the secondary market.
  2. Provides basic packaging information for submitting the cash flow to a potential note buyer. Direct Connect will help users gather the data required for a cash flow submission.
  3. Helps note buyers work with, and bid only on notes for which they have basic, verifiable information. Direct Connect discourages the random faxing of information sheets.
  4. Discourages note sellers and brokers from sending packages to more than three potential note buyers. A warning tells the user that it is unprofitable and unprofessional to shop a note. The program encourages the development of personal relations with institutional note buyers.
  5. Direct Connect encourages the user to submit comments about the service they received from a service provider. These moderated comments are posted to our web site and can be viewed by the public. This helps a note seller or broker choose the best company with the best service and encourages companies with less than excellent service to improve.
  6. Companies offering services to the cash flow industry can easily submit their names to Direct Connect. After a preliminary screening these companies will be added to the database.
  7. The program, the database, the services listed and industry information are accessible through simple commands on the Direct Connect menus. Anyone with Windows 95 and a modem can use the program to gather absolutely the latest data on the cash flow industry.


IBM PC compatible computer running Windows 95 or Windows NT.
Disk Space:
12 MB
Operating System:
Windows 95, Windows NT
Other Software:
Active Internet account. Note Buyer Direct Connect uses the internet to update its internal database. Without a modem and an internet account, the database will get out of date soon.


$49.95 (CD Rom, Windows 95 or higher)
Get it on-line here -> WWW.NoteTools.COM

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